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Linked in Love Pearl Choker and Necklace Set

Please type in your Choker Length Measurement Here
Please type in the length of the Necklace Measurement here.

Linked in Love Pearl Choker and Necklace Set created from Man Made Pearls and Silver Lined Crystal Accent Beads. This beautiful set is available in several colors of Pearls and will be created to your exact measurements to fit like a glove. 

The following information is needed in order to create your Linked in Love Pearl Choker and Necklace Set. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email orders@uniquebeadedgifts.com or use our Contact Us page, enter the URL of the piece and ask away. We are here to create you a One of a Kind Bridal Set and we encourage you to share your ideas and questions.

Measurements Required.

Tip: Use a piece of string or yarn to measure your body then use a tape measure to measure your string, go to the next closest 1/4" mark on the tape measure beyond the actual length, this is the measurement we will need you to enter during checkout.

Exact Size of your Neck area for the chokershown below in the drawing in Red 

This measurement should be taken around the area of the neck you want your choker to be located. 


Exact Length of the 2nd (longer) piece of the Necklace; shown below in the drawing in yellow;

This measurement should be taken around the neck allowing the string to fall to the exact location you want this section to lay.

Here is a drawing to show you the areas to measure for the 2 measurements above that are required in order to create your Linked in Love Pearl Choker and Necklace Set.

These will be color choices for your Pearls if you choose to customize the colors via the drop down choices during the ordering process
: Gold, Black, Sage, Violet, Sapphire, Peridot, Light Blue, Emerald, Lilac, Orchid, Crème, Rose, Antique White, Aqua, Amethyst, and White (as shown in photos above)

The Silver Line Clear Accent Beads are used to enhance the colorization and sparkle of any color Pearl you choose.

Matching Bracelet and Earrings are available simply add them using the drop down choices during check out. 

Earrings: $26.99 Additional

Double Bracelet Matching Choker Piece: $44.99 Additional

Single Bracelet Matching Necklace Piece: $32.99 Additional

Clasps are all Lobster Claw Style for easy connection.