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Glistening Creme Colored Crystal Christmas Tree


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Glistening Creme Colored Crystal Christmas Tree is an amazing miniature Christmas Tree. Light reflection through the crystals and the gold trim makes this little Christmas Tree light up the entire room and your heart with the warmth of the Holiday Season.

Each Tree is Hand Made with Genuine Crystals in 3 different sizes with Gold Pins and Gold Wire. It is the perfect Unique Gift for that loved one that is so hard to buy for. 

With our creations there are no 2 the same as each one is hand made. Add one of our beautiful Glistening Creme Colored Crystal Christmas Trees to your collection this year. 

This Miniature Glistening Creme Colored Crystal Christmas Tree is Five Inches Tall, 3.25 inches at the widest portion at the bottom of the tree and the base is 3 inches around. You can place this tree on an LED Light stand and create an amazing reflection of colors throughout the room. This wonderful Crystal Christmas Tree will also reflect and refract sunlight giving off an incredible rainbow of colors on walls ceilings and floors. (the last photo is of our Clear and Silver Swarovski Miniature Tree and shows how the light reflects rainbow colors)