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3D Bald Eagle Necklace Earring Set

$129.99 $99.00

3D Bald Eagle Necklace is incredibly designed, comfortable to wear and makes a statement wherever you wear it. 

3D Beaded Bald Eagle Necklace comes standard on a Hematite Chain with Matching Earrings. Length of Chain can be customized to suit your needs, standard length is 18 inches. This Eagle is an amazing piece whether you wear it or just display it. 

You can choose to have your Bald Eagle just as you see it with all natural colorization, Red White and Blue wings and tail or Blue White and Red in the wings and tail as shown in the photos. We love the Patriotic Eagles they are our own creation. You may also request a custom made crystal, beaded, fiber optic or standard metal chain in gold or silver.

Each 3D Bald Eagle is approximately 3.5 inches from Wing tip to Wing tip and 4 inches tall from wing tips to tail feather tips.